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Preparing Food

Fuel Your Team with Mindful Meals Dubai

We all know that our diet affects the whole body, especially our brain. Certain foods and nutrients help keep our brains healthy so it can power your body throughout the day.

Our body requires healthy food with certain nutrients and vitamins to fuel our brains. These nutrients help build brain structure, keep cells working, and help you learn, think, and do tasks.

Providing healthy options to your employees is the perfect way to help them look after their overall health and well-being and invigorate office productivity.

Your employees can arrange meals on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or custom basis from our standard meal plans or we can customise them.

Or you can take the lead.

 By aligning nutritional meals for meetings with different themes, you can create a dynamic and engaging experience in the office, making them not only productive but also enjoyable for employees.

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Customised menus incorporating the following themes

Brain Food Snack Stations

We can provide a daily healthy snack station for your employees to munch on

Motivational Mondays 

Let our Health and wellbeing coach come in and give a Monday Morning Motivational Speech. Providing invigorating food and powerful motivation to set them up for the week ahead.

Wellness Wednesdays

Let our health coach join you for the lunch that we provide so that you can ask her any questions on health and well-being.

Thoughtful Thursdays

Promote mindful eating. We will provide tips on how to eat mindfully and why it is important to our overall health.

Fitness Fridays

Wrap up the workweek with some of our Friday favourites, feels like a cheat meal, but is packed with healthy nutritional ingredients.

Superfood Saturdays

In the office on Saturdays? Focus on incorporating superfoods into the menu. Provide information and superfoods to enhance employee awareness of healthy eating choices.

Meeting Mondays / Power Hour Breakfast Club

Tailor the breakfast offerings for days when important meetings are scheduled. Provide easily shareable We ensure the menu supports sustained energy and focus throughout the meeting.

Team-Building Tuesdays

Design a breakfast or lunch that facilitates team interaction. Set up a DIY station bar with options like make-your-own smoothie bowls and a selection of toppings to encourage collaboration and conversation among team members. Even have your own corporate smoothie!

Investing in your employees' well-being is an investment in your company's success. Our Corporate Wellness Through Food program is designed to fuel not just bodies but minds, ensuring your team operates at their peak potential. From customisable meal plans to thematic breakfasts tailored for your meetings, we provide the fuel for productivity and health.

Contact us now to explore how together we can transform your workplace, creating a dynamic, engaging, and energising environment. Let's embark on a journey of corporate wellness together – because a healthy workforce is a thriving workforce.


Contact us today and let's revolutionise your office culture through the power of nutrition.

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